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Victoria Ghost Chair

Some Tips To Purchase Ghost Chair

In the world of modern furniture, ghost chairs are relatively new and as the name of this furniture suggests, it is designed in a quite ghostly approach. Among the many features, transparency is something that comes on the top of the list. While some models are entirely see-through, others have half-opaque shape etches on the inside of the fabrication.

This guide will begin with the fundamental definition of this type of furniture, which will be followed by an introduction to a number of designers responsible for creation of this piece of furniture. So, this guide will help the buyers in arriving at the decision on the basis of fabrication strength, apart form visual appeal.

Florence Sofa

barcelona chair

Reason for this name:
These chairs got their name because they can be most easily defined by thinking about the overall notion of a ghost. This means that ghosts generally are known to have a transparent and drifting shape and the same thing can be found in this piece of furniture as well. The models under this category are mostly see-through or they would have been lightly hued.

Different models and their year of manufacture:
La Marie: This model was introduced in the year 1998 and it was originally created by Kartell. This type is made from transparent or slightly tinted polycarbonate and the features include tremor, scrape and climate resistance.

Womb Chair And Ottoman

brno dining chair

Louis: Louis ghost chair was initially introduced in the year 2002. This model has the same features like the above-mentioned model and six of this model can be stacked together. The style followed in this model is baroque style.

Victoria: Victoria ghost chair introduced in the year 2005 with antique-style rounded back. This model harmonizes well with Louis ghost chair and here seven of this model can be stacked together.

Lou Lou: This is created in the model of children’s dining chair and it is a smaller version of Louis model mentioned above, yet with the same features like the other models. This is the latest in the family as it was introduced in the year 2008. There are other models as well.

Materials used:
When it comes to Victoria ghost chair and even the other models mentioned above, the materials used for manufacture are glass, polycarbonate and Poly (methyl methacrylate).

Tips to purchase:
All it takes is the selection of a reliable website to place order for any model ghost chair. When the best website that deals with many such furniture is selected, it will be possible for the purchaser to find Florence sofa as well.

Florence sofa can add beauty to the interiors and will provide a relaxing seating for the visitors.
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